The Contenders


We think business.
We execute brand.


We believe that today every brand is fighting 
to get into customers’ hearts, minds and hands…
We exist to help you win the fight.

We focus on creating brands that are full of meaning for those who work for them, shop for them or support them. The Contenders are a proudly small & independent strategic brand & design agency. From our homes in Melbourne and Sydney, our multicultural team specialises in solving business problems through the full skillset of brand. 
We are famous for building brands that transcend category conventions to win in the marketplace of life.
 We position brands to own the space where their customers and capabilities overlap and where their competitors cannot tread. We are practitioners of market orientation and our unique discovery process has shaped winning brand strategies for brands across Australia and Asia.  
We build brands the way they should be built. Brands that 
can help you win the ongoing fight for customers’ hearts, 
minds and hands.

There’s only one agency in Australia who build brands the way they should be built…based on real market insight, media neutrality and with beautiful execution. The Contenders are the best I know
— Mark Ritson Associate Professor MIT Sloan, Melbourne Business School & London Business School. Columnist for Marketing Week.