The Contenders


We think business.
We execute brand.


We are a multi disciplinary agency focused on solving the business problems of today through tomorrow’s brand thinking.

We were founded in 2012 on our belief that in today’s marketplace all businesses have to fight for relevance and must think, work and act differently to do so. Today we are fortunate enough to work with leading businesses in diverse industries across Australia and Asia to discover and capture their unique organisational value. We do this through first defining the real business challenge we are trying to solve and then building a distinctive brand platform that connects our clients to their customers in ways that create new value for all.

There’s only one agency in Australia who build brands the way they should be built…based on real market insight, media neutrality and with beautiful execution. The Contenders are the best I know
— Mark Ritson Associate Professor MIT Sloan, Melbourne Business School & London Business School. Columnist for Marketing Week.